In a very simple, prayerful, and humble way our Lord definitely led in the starting of Faith Baptist Church on Wednesday evening, August 30th, 1983. There were 30 people in that first gathering. The Lord began to add to the number. In answer to the fervent prayers of the God-honoring people who gathered, the Lord had raised up His Church. God directed in the naming of Faith Baptist Church, as we see throughout the beginning and in our continuing history that faith in God’s promises, leading, and guiding has been vital.

Within the next month, the Lord provided Brother Max Cannon as an interim Pastor under the sponsorship of Green Meadow Bible Baptist Church. These were joyous days when they met in homes. Because the number was growing, they looked for a building. On November 6th, 1983, the group met for the first time in a former grocery store building in downtown Orland, Indiana, that they had rented and renovated. Again God blessed with people being added.

In January 1984 an invitation was extended to Pastor J. Arnold Fair to fly from Dallas, Texas, and speak on Saturday, February 11th, and Sunday, February 12th. After preaching again on May 13th and May 20th, a call was issued to Pastor Fair on May 24th to come and pastor Faith Baptist Church. On Sunday morning, June 3rd, 1984, Pastor Fair accepted the pastorate of Faith Baptist Church.

The Church began to grow and the men of the Church selected three men to work with Pastor Fair on the developing of the Church Covenant, Articles of Faith, By-Laws, and the Church Policy. These were unanimously adopted between May and June 1985. The year 1985 brought a renovation and move to the building next door in Orland. The first service was conducted there on Wednesday evening, January 23rd, 1985. On Sunday, September 1st, 1985, Faith Baptist Church was officially organized and the charter membership service was held. On Wednesday, November 6th, 1985, Faith Baptist was granted its non-profit corporation Certificate of Incorporation. The Church grew so rapidly that we needed another building and in December 1985 the Lord provided one across the street in Orland, which now houses a law office.
January 1986 we went to two morning services. The Church was continuing to see people trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour, being baptized, and joining the membership of the Church. On Sunday, December 28th, 1986, voted to purchase our current nearly 40-acre property, an opportunity definitely brought about through the Lord’s working.

The year 1987 brought marvelous growth in every area and our first visit from Dr. Lee Roberson, who called the ministry “a storefront with dignity.” During 1987 intensive prayer and planning was made for the new property where the Lord would locate us. Folks generously gave toward a building fund.

The year 1988 began days of sincere prayer and fasting for God’s blessing upon His ministry. Our missionary program began to expand. “Let’s Build for Eternity” banquet was held with a commitment for building a new Church building.

In November 1990 the groundbreaking service for the Church building was held. On Friday, December 14th, 1990, construction began on the current Church building. It was completed in October 1991 with the first service being held Sunday, October 6th, 1991. The decade of the 90’s was filled with many firsts in the new building – the first funeral, the first wedding, the first commissioning of one of our own as a missionary, the first baptismal service in our own building, and the first assistant pastor. It also brought some of God’s choicest servants to the pulpit of Faith Baptist Church.

With abundant rejoicing we praise God for those who have trusted Christ as their Lord and Saviour during these many wonderful years, followed Him in believers baptism, and are living for Christ. Though some Faith Baptist folk have moved from this tri-State area and some have been promoted to Heaven, what a joy it has been to welcome others to our membership.

In 2014 Faith Baptist Church was privileged to honor Pastor and Mrs. Fair upon their 30th anniversary of pastoring Faith Baptist Church. Through their leadership and shepherding of Faith Baptist folk and ministry to the communities about us, they have brought honor to our Lord and have lovingly endeared themselves to countless lives. Pastor Fair’s final Sunday in the pastorate of Faith Baptist was Sunday, August 30, 2015.

On Sunday, November 6, 2017, Faith Baptist Church welcomed their new Pastor and family. Pastor Denver J. DeKeyser had previously served as Pastor for 17 years in a Baptist church in northern Michigan. It is a joy to have Pastor and Mrs. DeKeyser and their four children ministering here. As we obediently, excitedly, and faithfully serve together, we are anticipating what great things God will do in and through Faith Baptist Church in reaching our tri-State community and beyond with the message of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and of the life-changing and life-building truths of God’s Word.


Faith Baptist Church

P.O. Box 322
560 W 400 N
Angola, Indiana 46703
260.665.1283 – Phone
Denver J. DeKeyser, Pastor

Service Times:

Sunday School 9:00 A.M.
Morning Service 10:00 A.M.
Evening Service 5:00 P.M.
Wednesday Evening 7:00 P.M.
The King’s Kids 7:00 P.M.